In order to create truly user-centred website designs and user experience experiences it’s essential that you involve your website users and customers and gain their feedback. Our UK based website feedback service allows you to get valuable insight into what your website users really think about your website design and how it can be improved.

Feedback Video Sample

Check out this demo video to see understand more about the website feedback service we’re offering. In this website design review video, you will see a highly targeted user, who has a genuine interest about the industry, testing a web hosting company website called Free Virtual Servers. The user was given a list of tasks using our ‘Task Templates’ that he needed to complete.

Throughout the test, the user gives his customer service feedback and explains what he thinks of the website, where he gets stuck, and what can be improved from customer’s perspective.

If you’re looking for website customer feedback in the UK, please get in touch with WebsiteFeedback.