Here are the most asked questions by our visitors.

What can WebsiteFeedback do for me?

Our website feedback service enables you to quickly and cheaply know what needs improvement on your site. We are able to show you the problems your site’s visitors encountered and all their frustrations about your website. For just £34 per usability test, you get to watch your user’s keystrokes and mouse movements as he/she navigates through your website. You also get to listen to whatever he speaks out as he uses your site.

How does WebsiteFeedback works?

We enable you to set up tasks by specifying what you need the users to do on your website. We make this easier by providing a set of templates for you to choose from. We recruit users who meet your specific demographic requirements from our diverse panel to test your site. Within hours, we give you video results of users going through your site and you also get to listen to whatever they said about your site.

Why use WebsiteFeedback?

We have a highly qualified and diverse panel of more than one million users who are always ready to test your website or mobile apps and we deliver the results within a few hours. It is quick and easy to use and no long-term commitment is required.

Who is WebsiteFeedback for?

In addition to website owners, it is also used by Internet Marketers, Web Consultants and Web Designers who want to reach the real users of their website and gain actionable customer service feedback. Watching real people using your site gives you an opportunity to get real website feedback from them and understand what needs improving on your website.

What do I get for £35?

A clear video of one tester using your website. You get to watch as they go through your website and listen to their feedback. You will also get the tester’s written summary of the answers of the questions you asked. You will get full customer service feedback and get to know what the tester liked or disliked about your site.

How soon will I get the results?

Usually within 6 hours. The most likely scenario is that if you request for about 5 usability tests, you receive the first result in about an hour and all the remaining in a few hours. However, requesting users with very narrow demographics slows down the process a little as only a few people meet the qualifications to do the test.

Are the reviews 100% genuine?

Yes. The videos are recorded as the users test your website. You not only get to watch their mouse movements around your site, but you also get to listen to whatever comments they speak out while using your site.

Do you also offer website optimisation?

Yes. WebsiteFeedback is powered by a Search Engine Optimisation agency, They offer affordable SEO & Social Media packages to help your website ranks higher on search engine (i.e. Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

Can I test my competitors' websites?

Yes, it is possible to test any website. It is also possible to have a tester compare and contrast two different websites – like your competitor’s website against yours- and see which the users opt for and why. You can do this by entering one of the sites in the URL space and put the other in the task assignment you write down.

Can I specify the testers' profile?

Yes. You can do this by giving us the specific demographics of the profile of the testers you want to test your website.

I'd like to talk to your team, how do I get in touch?

You can contact us here.